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I have been receiving my gas and electricity bills by email for over 2 years. Last year AGL sent me my gas bill by post as they couldn't send it by email, now the electricity bill is having the same problem. Gas bill was finally fixed after many phone calls.Three calls and three promises to fix and email copies of elect bill, nothing has happened. By the way the email address has not changed in over five years. I have contacted my email provider no problem, all other emails come through. Is this a common problem with AGL?

AGL Community Manager
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Hi @Abbey 

I'm aware of at least one ISP that was inadvertently marking AGL bills as spam until recently - though I'm not sure whether that was the problem in your case.


It may be worth logging into your account and ensuring that you're still set up to receive bills to your chosen email address.

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I have recently encountered the exact same problem.  Accounts and promo material from AGL were arriving via email as expected from the point when I was transferred into this regime.  However the December account arrived on paper with the advice that "we've tried unsuccessfully to send your bill by email and need you to check you email address ..."   I subsequently wasted 28 minutes of my life trying to sort this out with a helpful consultant who resent the account to my original address, and then to anther valid email address.  Neither of them have ever arrived.  I was then to be connected to a 'technical' consultant, but that never happened, and I was eventually dumped onto the survey line where I had no option but to tell told them what I honestly thought.


The fact is that I check the spam filters at my ISP on a regular basis, and there's nothing trapped there from AGL.   Meanwhile emails from other senders arrive into my inboxes hourly without any such issues. This would appear to be AGL's problem to solve - not mine.  Factually, I would prefer to receive paper accounts anyway, so maybe I'll just let this sort itself out to that default.


However I do worry that if this basic problem exists in the AGL system, can I really trust other parts of the AGL billing system to be working correctly and accurately?


Finally I need to state that I lost a lot of confidence in the AGL system a few years ago when I kept getting text messages whilst in Europe that my account hadn't been paid and disconnection of supply was threatened.  I knew it was paid.  Imagine trying to rectify that on a mobile phone and poor internet connection whilst in Rome. It was sorted out by neighbours eventually - somehow my phone number had been also included in someone else's account.  I was reimbused for expenses and angst later on when back home and I'm happy to acknowledge that.   However this latest episode seems to suggest that there are ongoing issues in the AGL system that need to be addressed.      

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This has NOT been SOLVED. I am having the same issue now. And being told it is my end as everything is fine on AGL's end. Obviously it's not. This appears to be an ongoing issue for several years now judging by posts I've read. It's time to fix it. There is no leniency if we miss a payment because we haven't received the bill.


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Having a smart meter I know when the bill will be produced, now the bill goes to my house mate, she does not forward the bill to me. I simply go online and download the bill myself. (I travel around visiting my Friends in my caravan).


Having all the data online is very handy as I can see my rough usage, see that the fortnightly payments that we pay to ensure no bill shock, I can also download the zip file and see our actual usage and use that data to ensure that we have enough money to pay the next upcoming bill.


I then check the downloaded bill to make sure that the bill matches the data from zip file that you can download.


By the way my account shows me the last 8 bills which I can download.

Cheers Neil

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@NeilC  Great if you have a smart meter. I don't. The email is my notice that there is an account ready and it needs paying. Without that, where is the reminder to log in to check for it? There isn't one - except - hey! you haven't paid your bill, now you have to pay extra!


You should be confident you are going to receive it electronically. I'm not.