Electricity pricing from 1/7/23

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I have just received the new electricity rates that take effect from July 1 and I am absolutely alarmed at the increase!  This, in my opinion is nothing short of “highway robbery”.  I would like someone to contact me with regard to negotiating a better rate.

I look forward to your response.


Warren Hanley

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Hi Warren,

I just signed up with AGL for 20.658 cents k/Wh general usage, single rate tariff, with a $1.03.026 daily supply charge. Can you please share what the new rates will be from 1 July? 
Thankyou, Dee.

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Why are electricity providers and retailers making huge profits yet kWh rates are increasing and supply availability is dropping.


It seems we are being lied too and mislead. 

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Hi Dee,

As from 1 July the rates will be 32.219c/kWh and the supply charge will be 119.097c/day, these figures both include GST.

AGL Community Manager
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Hi @Rowdy1961 . Thanks for asking this question. A number of factors impact energy pricing, but the biggest one we're seeing at the moment is the high wholesale price of energy, which reflects the cost of producing that energy.


We recently published an explainer that goes into more detail about what's driving current high prices, what AGL are doing about this, and how we're supporting our customers. Take a look here:


What’s happening with energy prices?

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I would like to know why the T33 controlled tariff is now higher than the general tariff?  What is the benefit of a controlled tariff now?

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Like you I'm disgusted and insulted with AGL's 39% tariff increase from 1 July!

What can be done to reduce this?

I would hope AGL contacts me to explain that their offer is "reasonable"

Peter Crittall



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I am shocked by the increase in electricity prices I have just been notified effective 1 July.  This is a 26% increase.  What gives?  I am a long time AGL customer but this seems out of line with current energy prices which are down significantly from last year.  This would force me to look at alternate suppliers.


My old rate was

First 4000 kWh




My new rate is


First 4000 kWh





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Thank you for providing information about the forthcoming changes to my electricity rates. While I understand the justification provided for these increases relates to global energy challenges, I find it difficult to align this reasoning given Australia's standing as an energy-independent nation.

The breakdown of the new rates compared to the current ones is appreciated. I will take some time to review them and determine how these changes will influence my future electricity bills.

I commend your initiative to offer support regarding government grants and concessions. I will be looking into these possibilities on your website and will contact your team should I require further assistance.

Your advice about checking my eligibility for government concessions and rebates has been duly noted, and I will ensure to act promptly. Moreover, I will investigate my current plan options to verify that they are indeed the most suitable for my household.

I do hope that future changes to the rate will be more reflective of our domestic energy market and independent standing.

Thank you once again for keeping me informed. Your assistance during these times is appreciated.

Kind Regards,

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Yes it's concerning.AGL is a energy wholesaler and dermines the price. It can reduce price for residential but charges the maximum permitted. 


the energy provider "AGL" dermine its cheaper to shut down power stations limiting supply of electricity. AGL ridiculously closed lindell power station after operating for 52 years. 


This creates an artificial high demand foe electricity. To reduce demand wholesale prices are increased which makes retail prices unaffordable. Australians are forced to.leave their heaters off and sit shivering in limited lighting. 


Companies are able to get retail deals limiting any price changes so they can keep running lights 24hours a day and air-conditioning without impact to their bottom line.


Many Australians have installed solar on their homes when there is a certain buy back.rate. What happened me and many others was as soon as you register solar the retailer reduces this buy back rate. Such a waste of money. Retailers and wholesalers always win the expense of Australians..


This is called profiteering. The Energy Regulator has already stepped in on occasions.


But the reality is energy wholesaler's and retailer's are making huge profits at the expense of the health and lives of Australians. 


There is profit, but their is theft. It's unaustralian.