Live Electricity Usage Reading vs Electricity Usage and Solar Feed In Reading

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On the AGL website, within the "Overview" dashboard, it shows a live cost to date within that billing period. However within the "Usage" dashboard it shows a different reading. This is completely misleading as the usage dashboard seems to suggest the bill is far less than what it actually is. 


I asked a rep in AGL on this and they said the Usage dashboard was just a guide. I find it hard to believe that within one section of the site you can have a live reading and in another it is just a guide. 


Sooooo over AGL 

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If you are on a single rate tariff, your consumption and generation should be about correct for the DATE shown however this (or those amounts) do not include your supply cost.



 Above is what I see you can see the differences that you are suggesting.


Now neither of them are correct, I am on a time of use plan and my projected bill for the 4 Oct is



This is based on the data I download from My Account about 5 mins ago, you can see my usage for Time of Use, my Solar generation and the supply charge for the 90 day period, this amount is slightly higher than I am expecting as we have no over cast days predicted for the next five days, so will generate more solar.


You can see that my solar feed in, is nowhere near their stated amount and is fact calculated on the highest amount of 15 cent feed in, not the 5 cents that I get after 14kw a day.

My usage is calculated at 50c and not the Peak, Off Peak and Shoulder charges as in my calculation.


SO, NONE OF THE READINGS ARE LIVE, NEITHER OF THEM ARE CORRECT, however you can see that the overview is approximately twice the NET USAGE page.


If you get the Overview figure divide that by 85 (the number of days in this billing period) you will get ($73.80 divided by 85) $0.87 per day then add my supply charge of $1.15 you will get $2.00 per day of $180 for the billing period.


If you use the net usage figure then its (($41 / 85)+$1.15 ) * 90 or $147 for the billing period.


Neither of these are correct and my estimation of $95 is what I expect the bill to be on the 4th Oct

On the 31st August my estimated bill was

Total Payable+GST $          121.69


And on the 31st July it was

Total Payable+GST $          140.56


On that date :

Payment Required Per Fortnight $            21.87


By the way we pay $22.50 to AGL every fortnight so we have paid $112.50 off of our expected $95 bill, meaning will have $92 credit going into the next billing period.


We don't ever have bill shock....

Cheers Neil

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I agree with you, thanks for raising this, I'm also over the AGL APP.

An AGL rep recently confirmed that the Total Cost To Date EXCLUDES THE DAILY SUPPLY CHARGE.

So the Total Cost is always understated, and therefore misleading.

Other retailer APPS (Origin, Powershop, Energy Locals etc) rightly include the Daily Supply Charge, and therefore provide a "true" Total Cost.

So maybe a switch is the way to go.