Current Gas bill too high for 55 days

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Dear AGL Team,

We are family of 5 (3 adults + 2 kids) staying in this property since 15th of May. 

I moved this property in April 2023, my last bill 23rdth May to 18th July (Billing duration 57 days) was $ 246.85, now the current bi monthly bill is $ 889 for 19th July to 11th Sep (Billing duration 55 days). No change in the number of people, usage almost same, no extra appliances added. I am wondering why the bill 4 times higher than the previous bill. I understand there was price change after 1st August but is it the only reason. The meter says we used around 900 units in this period and previous period it was 150 units. I am not able to understand how this spike in units used. In my bill its shows home of 5 members in my area uses around 19,954 MJ whereas my usage shows as 32,260 MJ. Its huge burden on me.

Kindly help me understand.



Pavankumar Sarathi

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Did you find the solution?

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No not yet am waiting for a reply from AGL representative

AGL Moderator
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Hi @Pavan, Thank you for taking the time to reach out to us. 


There may be a few different reasons that have caused an increase on your recent bill. We have further information on our website to help out understand the common reasons, please head to 


Kind Regards, 


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Am still not convinced. Provide me some concession this bill

AGL Moderator
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Hi Pavan, Thank you for reaching out. 


Just to confirm, do you hold an eligible concession card? 


Kind Regards, 


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No I dont have concession card, am on work Visa

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Check your bill whether the readings on your gas and also hot water meters are Estimate or Actual. AGL may have estimated your usage rather than using actual reading for your bill. Can you access your gas and hot water meter? If you can, read the meters (both gas and hot water) and take pictures and submit your meters readings to AGL. You can do this online via My account or the online chat in the app, or call them.

AGL Moderator
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Hello Pavan, 


Unfortunately, as you do not hold an eligible concession card we are unable to apply a concession rebate. 


What I can do it check your energy plan and ensure you are on the lowest rate plan available to assist you with your bills. 


I'll send you a private message so I can compare your energy plan. 


Kind Regards, 


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When you look at the bill is there an indication that there was a price rise.


Something like

XXX used for X days at $xx

and then another that says

YYY used for Y days at $yy


That would be for usage, then you would have one for supply charges.


Also make sure that you are checking your meter readings, write them down, try and do them at about the same time each day.


AGL can only charge you with the meter readings supplied to them, check the prices against your plan.


Hope this helps

Cheers Neil

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