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Good morning.
We have a solar system and battery, and at the end of our first month with AGL, out account was in positive.
We would like to maintain this positive amount in our account - and any others in the future, to offset extra usage in January/february when the weather is hot and humid and we use our aircons.
Please advise how we go about doing this.


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We always have a positive credit, in mid July each year AGL sends us a cheque but leaves $120 credit in the account.

( I assume that with your monthly billing this would be after your first bill in the new financial year)


Prior to the newest prices rises we used to pay $10 per fortnight to offset any bills, over Winter this year with overcast days (and very little rain) we have upped our payment to $20 per fortnight to maintain a positive credit.


Our current billing period ends on the 4th October, the latest download file from AGL (issued last Friday 29th Sept) shows me that my calculated Bill will be around $94 debit, we currently have $220 credit in the account, so that will leave us with about $126 credit in the account.


Our last cheque was for $627.56, so we had $747.56 credit in the account of which $260 was our payments for the year.


So last year (with $0.20 kWh feed-in until April) we made $457.56 profit from our Solar system.

Cheers Neil

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Great, good to hear. Thank you very much.
The website is not very clear about how this works, but you have cleared it up very well.