Complaint! ENERGY plan didnt switch.

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I changed over plans on the 14th of Aug through the app after speaking to someone about plans and was advised for my usuage and area Essential Plus Plan was ideal. I switched jt over and forgot about it i should of gotten a confirmation message later. Usually im good and remember but 3 birthdays,1 paed heart specialist and wedding over 2 weeks after that switch so insanly busy

Fast for to yesterday I saw the metre guy and thought id get an idea of expect bill. Didnt look right then and thats when i saw. That it never did change at all even though it said it was successful on the app.

I spoke to someone yesterday and they switched me over to the plan. However they said thry cant help with regards to being on the wrong plan. Do I have to be biledl by that plan or cant my billing for this cycle be calculated and credited the different to what it should of been. 

  • I also did email with a complaint yesterday over this and still have not heard anything. 
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Hi ryusmum! 

I'm sorry to hear that's happened! We can check to see what was sent to you on your account. Please get in touch with us on your My Account and we'll check the notes on your account. 


Kind regards, 



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Hi Nam,

I did get in touch last week on chat. The person informed me that the plan i signed up for now, the Essential Energy Plus Online which was supposed to apply a 75 bonus sign up wasnt applied to my account and to ring.

Because of Bushfires around Ive only jst managed to today.

The lady i spoke to told me she couldn't apply it to my account but it will be next time and the only thing she can do is give 50 credit and when I explained I thought i changed plans back in Aug she advised me theres nothing she can do I have to be charged that rate and she can't work out the difference and apply that. She made out like it was impossible for her to work it out.


She then said she could however change my to the original plan I tried signing up too, which I would forfeit the $50 credit she was offering as well as the $75. Which off memory was Essential Energy back in Aug. Unsure exactly what the rates/tariffs were...

My issues are now

 The pay on time discount still applies and I'm being charged at those rates even though it was an error from your server. She never said what those rates were she offered to change... Off memory they're more or less the same. 

I still am no better off than when i rung.


She was what I would consider bordering rude. I've been with AGL for around 7+ years. Usually i can't fault the customer service. Today I can. 


Also I didn't get around to asking but how is this plan billed regarding reference price?