Learning how to submit a meter reading

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This is my first time actively participating in the community, although I have previously voted on a couple of ideas.


I want to submit a meter reading for my gas usage because the last bill used an estimated reading. I don't understand why an estimated reading was used because there are no access problems to the meter and the meter is in full view from the street. Every other meter reading has been an "actual read".


Anyway, as it is my first time to submit a meter reading, I needed to learn the process and looked for online help. I came to this page which shows that I can get help learning how to submit a reading both with the AGL app and using My Account. (I've posted a screenshot as well.)


As I was using my computer at the time, I clicked on the link to learn how to submit a reading using My Account. Immediately an error message was displayed, Access Denied. After about 2 seconds, that message changed to Nothing to see here. (Again, I've attached a screenshot.)


Okay, if that doesn't work, I'll learn how to do it using the app. I'm flexible! I tried clicking on that link. Same problem. Same message(s).


And the end result is that I can't submit a meter reading.Page I started from which shows links to help pagesPage I started from which shows links to help pagesError Screen showing 'Nothing to see here'Error Screen showing 'Nothing to see here'

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Hi @Manda_NSW. Sorry you ran into these issues while trying to submit a read! Have these errors persisted on your account? I've just tested the process on my account and it seems to be working, so if you're now able to submit normally, it may have just been a temporary outage. If you're still seeing errors, it may be a technical issue specific to your account. If that's the case, send me a private message here (click my name) with your account number, and I'll have the tech team investigate it.

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Hi @David_AGL ,


Thanks for replying.


I'm not sure if I wasn't clear. It isn't (yet) that I can't submit a reading. I don't know if I can do that. I first need to know what to read! That's where I was getting lost. The help pages just weren't there. And they still aren't there. Something is there, but nothing that's of any use to me.