Pay on time discount DROPPED

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It appears my pay on time discount for my electricity account has dropped off since march 2020. I have been reviewing my bills and have noticed that no pay on time discount exists on my electricity bill but does remain on my as bill. Upon delving deeper, I find that my "plan" under my electricity has changed. I did not ask for a change in my plan and to my knowledge have not been notified one would be made on my behalf. When I signed up, I signed up my Gas and electricity on the same plan and now my elec has changed?

If the pay on time discount would have meant a less expensive bill then does that get refunded given I did not ask for my plan to be changed at any time?

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Hi AE89, it sounds like your previous plan has expired, causing you to change onto a new plan. You should have received a notice about this prior to the change taking effect. To discuss this and review the current options please get in touch with the team here

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I payed my electricity bill on the 14/5/2020 and have just received a demand foe $19.16 . Why?

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Hi macfarlane, we will need to review your account to see why this has occurred, please get in touch with us here to discuss.