Can authorised user use the AGL app?

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My husband is the main account holder on our agl account and I have been added as an authorised user. How can I use the agl app to view our energy use? It’s saying the account is registered to someone else (my husband obviously). Help!

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Being an authorised user only means that you can ask questions and get details etc.

Log into the app using the your husbands account.


You can only have one users name in the login details of the account, if you are the primary user change the login email address to yours and then your husband would have to login as you for the APP or WEB page.

Cheers Neil

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AGL Moderator
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Hi @Alevia, thank you for your message.

@NeilC above is correct, being an authorised contact on an an account does give you access to any information on the account, when calling or using our webchat and live services, but only one email address can be used for login to the app, and that email address has to belong to the primary account holder.

If you are the primary account holder in terms of responsibility, and would prefer to manage the account yourself, you can contact us here and ask to move the account into your own name.

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