$200 Qld Govt Utility Relief Rebate

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Received a 3 monthly power bill this week. The $200 credit is shown on the bill as a balance brought forward. We have solar, and bills are always in credit, and money is now paid automatically into bank account.

I noted that the money to be paid into my bank account differed by $200. I phoned AGL and Resolutions informed me "We can't pay you the $200 as it can't be paid out in cash"    Why has this $200 credit not been applied to the actual 'Useage and Supply Charges' as I'm sure the Government intended? 

I feel the credits from Solar should be appied after this $200 rebate has been applied. The way you have interpreted, or choosen to apply this rebate, it will never be paid out to those customers who have solar, and always have a credit. I have viewed the QLD Gov Fact sheet on this Household Rebate and nowhere in this information can I find any information that people who get paid out solar credits regularly, will never recive the $200 rebate, and it will in fact stay in AGLs bank account, for ever!


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This is sad to hear as we should be able to cash out our money so we can spend it and keep the economy going? Has agl looking into helping all customer or just paid the money and thats it?

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•  The $200 Household Utility Assistance Package will go to all households.

From: Electricity Relief For Households And Businesses Q&A Tuesday 24 March 2020.

I also have an account that is in credit and discover that the $200 has been deducted from the balance to be paid into my bank account. The deposit is $200 less than the balance advised by the consultant over the phone this afternoon.

My understanding of the QLD Government Electricity Relief for Households initiative is that it is to provide assistance to all Queenslanders at this time of Covid 19 emergency and the $200 would certainly have been of benefit to me at this time. The fact that I cannot access these funds to help pay for ongoing household expenses at this time does not seem right to me, and the fact that it may never be available to me as long as my account remains in credit is not in the spirit of the rebate as the Government intended.

AGL, please explain how you can deny me access to the rebate?

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Hi AGL-electricity! 


Welcome to AGL Community! 


I am sorry to hear this is your experience, the Covid payment is intended to assist customers with their energy bills during this time. If you are lucky enough to have an energy account consistently in credit due to solar export, we can request a special exemption, if you are in credit due to regular payments but your bills have a debit amount, we are unable to refund it as it needs to be used for you energy bills. 


If you would like to request an exemption you will need to touch base with our Resolution team, you can message us here.


Thank you 


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Thank you Ellen,

As my account is consistently in credit due to solar export, I will be requesting an exemption.

Thank you.

Regards, AGL-electricity.

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My account is also (always) in credit but because one person suggested talking to agl I mentioned to the chat person that I actually used $179.19 in electricity plus supply charge and service charge why not use the credit against that amount. Apparently the the amount will be paid into my account in the next 7 days. We will see.


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I think you will find that the payment is intended to assist with utility bills as a whole. It was never intended solely for electricity and as such AGL has no right to retain this payment

I did contact the ombudsmen regarding this.

Surely the covid payment could be applied to the Daily Service charges and the usage charges, first, rather than withholding the full rebate due to credit balance.

There are numerous solutions to the problem.

It needs to be solved for all affected customers for all time, not on a one off manual process as is presently occurring.

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Hi SandyM! 

The rebate does apply to your new charges for each bill and if there is a remaining amount, this will then go towards the next billing cycle. If you find that your account is in credit due to a ongoing payment arrangement or if your account is generally in credit due to solar, we can refund this amount as an exception. 


Kind regards,