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Re: $200 Qld Govt Utility Relief Rebate

My account is also (always) in credit but because one person suggested talking to agl I mentioned to the chat person that I actually used $179.19 in electricity plus supply charge and service charge why not use the credit against that amount. Apparently the the amount will be paid into my account in the next 7 days. We will see.
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Re: help with solar

My original system was 6 x 150 watt panels which the salesman assured me would cover all my needs, how gullible was I and maybe I should have done more studies. I have upgraded twice now and at present have 14 x 300 watt system and making money but it has cost me more than I am making along the way. I too deal better with face to face contact but was duped by the salesman in the beginning, so feeling your pain.regardsKim
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Re: Typical Solar production vs usage pattern

Hi Chris24 I also have written about the discrepancies between my readings and AGL's reading but not as much as yours only 1-4 k/w on both feed in and power used. But it seems jaydeny is right onto it for you, maybe because it was such a large difference. There is a lot to get use to with every one with different systems and different parts of the country and maybe even different positioning on roof.My input was just to get information from others not so much to complain I am quite happy with my ...
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Re: Monthly, seasonal and annual solar production data for Adelaide

Thank you very informative. Now if someone could do this for all Australian cities and not just general information as governments do but as in-depth as your details. And no I am not expecting you to do this.RegardsKim Harley
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