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Re: $200 Qld Govt Utility Relief Rebate

This is sad to hear as we should be able to cash out our money so we can spend it and keep the economy going? Has agl looking into helping all customer or just paid the money and thats it?
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Re: Please add kWh data for generation (solar)

On my app their is a yellow line for solar generated on the left with the kw made and on the right is a blue line with kw used this is great. Is this what you mean @Lex
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Re: Solar Payment Refund

Thank You, @Stanfo thatsure does make sence and a great option of how it can be done. Thanks @David_AGL does this mean we can vote for it shortly, if so how do we do this?
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Solar Payment Refund

I think we should be able to get a refund submitted on the app and online. Rather then having to contact agl when we would like to get our refunds from the solar we generated. Maybe have it set up so once we ask for the refund to our linked account/ payment meathod that we either get an email or text message for a security code, for the money to be realease. What does every one think? And what features do you want if this idea gets added into the app and online?
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