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$200 Qld Govt Utility Relief Rebate

Received a 3 monthly power bill this week. The $200 credit is shown on the bill as a balance brought forward. We have solar, and bills are always in credit, and money is now paid automatically into bank account.I noted that the money to be paid into my bank account differed by $200. I phoned AGL and Resolutions informed me "We can't pay you the $200 as it can't be paid out in cash" Why has this $200 credit not been applied to the actual 'Useage and Supply Charges' as I'm sure the Government i ...
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Crediting to Customer of Solar FIT

My meter is read 3 monthly. The inbetween bills are estimates. I have been told by your call centre that the credits will only be paid out on an actual reading. I note that the AGL moderator says "the credits will be paid to you at the end of each biling period" Who is correct? Also I note you have an option to suply your own meter reading each month. I was aso told by the call centre that supplying my own reading each month would not result in the credits being paid out to me monthly. I would ...
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