Respect to others

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Hi everybody,


If you are reading posts and like the information, please take the time to like the part of the post as you read them.


If you have made a post and get an answer and get an answer that resolves your issue please let the person answered your question at least know.


Some of the answers that people supply take some time to either research or to present back to you.


Cheers Neil

Cheers Neil

If this comment solves your issue please solve the post, if you like this comment please take the opportunity to click the Like button below.
AGL Community Manager
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I'll definitely second @NeilC here! 


Not everyone who helps out with answers on this community is an AGL employee - some are just customers like you, helping out and sharing their knowledge in their spare time. If someone has taken the time to help you out, saying thanks is as simple as marking their response as the solution, clicking the Like button on their post, or just dropping by again to reply to them.


A little respect goes a long way!

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Absolutely Agreed @NeilC 


All I can do is echo what @David_AGL  has said.


David_AGL has nailed my thoughts on the head also in this regard.


Good posts from you both.