App shows a recent estimated usage ?

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I've been using the website based app since we went solar and had the new smart meter installed.

I noticed today when looking at the fresh update and Sundays figures, it was noted that this was 'Estimated'.

To date I haven't seen this before, thought the smart meters were next day accurate . . . I'm wondering if others get this from time to time too, and why it might be ?


















It could be that Sunday was our highest solar input (71.5kwh) in the nearly one month since the new solar was properly turned on, and the usual 'High feed in' notation was not present when hovering over the day on the graph . . . The high feed in notation has also dropped off the previous high feed in days (several of them) that have popped up in the past on those few full sunny days we've had here in SA through Dec.


The 'High usage' still appears on last Thursday figures (this is from EV charging), but previous couple of those have also dropped off in the notations.


It could be that the notations when hovering cursor just disappears after a week or so, and those are just an alert of sorts for users when checking figures (?).


The AGL app and SAPN usage figures show the same within a 'point something' of a kwh.


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Hi @Lester thank you for reaching out.

I'm going to message you privately for some more details regarding this.

Kind regards,

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Thanks Xander, as per my reply to your private message, the next day this was normal on the graph, and I think it was the usage figure was slightly adjusted in value.

So it seems to be a bit of a temporary thing if people see this on their usage graph, a bit of a glitch in the matrix.

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I was asked to mark this solved if it was a completed inquiry.

Unfortunately I don't completely consider it solved, having messaged Xander back to say the estimated had changed to confirmed figures after 24 hrs more or so.


I replied them that I felt it was some sort of glitch where the smart meter couldn't finalise figures in the usual next day time.


Yesterdays figures were not marked unusually, and inputted to my spreadsheet as usual . . . this morning they had been changed very mildly (and extra 0.0something minor adjustment), so I feel one needs to check figures back several days now and then to see if changed.


Bear in mind I am only monitoring daily temporarily until things settled down a bit with solar and new smart meters, so I fully understand our solar behaviour, and timings of the new meters, then I will go to weekly checks.

I will take the AGL site readings a few days after weekly close to get figures and keep an eye on them for the past week until I can trust them matching my solar app figures.