The new-look eBill summary

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After listening to your feedback, we're excited to show you the new-look eBill summary. As well as freshening up the look and feel, we've added some crucial information so you can quickly get the important details about your account.


What's changed?


In addition to your bill amount, due date and other useful links, you'll now see:

  • Whether your bill is an estimated or actual meter read (if you have a basic meter you can avoid an estimated bill by completing a self-service meter read)
  • A link to set a bill due reminder in your calendar
  • Instantly pay your bill with a link to make a payment
  • A snapshot of any applied concessions or discounts
  • A new usage and cost snapshot comparing your usage to the same period last year (if available).
  • A link to our bill explainer page for more info on how to read your bill




ebill summary.JPG




How to view the full bill


While we've tried to include most useful information, you're still able to download your bill in full by selecting View your bill on your bill summary. You won't need to log in to your account to do so.


Alternately, you can access your bill by logging in to My Account.


To access your bill via the AGL app, select the Billing tab, tap the bill you'd like to view, then View PDF.


Questions and feedback


This new-look eBill was created based on feedback from customers like you, and we'd love to hear what you think. If you have any questions or comments, you're welcome to add them to this post!

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The summary shows a late fee of  $100.00 against a total bill of $259.00. This is a penalty of  of 38.61% . The reserve bank is holding the cash rate @ 0.25%. What is your justification for this?

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Seems to me we are paying the same and getting less service is we are required to read the meter ourselves.

With the dates on the bill, does this mean we are going back to quarterly bills instead on monthly.

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Heres the thing. According the information you provide re ths new Ebill, I am able to go to My Account and see what my USAGE is. This tells me that you are able to let me know my usage. Your bill has to be based on USAGE. Therefore why do you need to estimate or have me read the meter when you can determine hat my USAGE is? Who ever came up with this logic needs to be spoken to.

One other thing..BADGES... please stop with that rubbish. We are your customers not children, stop being so condescending, On top of the 38.61% penalty you will levy for late payment, this only shows the contempt you have for you customers.


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Nothing about my solar??? Why do you always need to change the bill and when you do why they not use friendly ? Disappointing!!! 

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@Harry123 @alpal55 @Peterevans1306 @ChazDog 


Just to clarify: there is definitely no $100 late fee.


As some other commenters have noted, this post is only showcasing the new eBill summary format and that was placeholder text. It's obviously causing some confusion (and shock!) so we're going to update it. 

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Hi @janbramley , this is simply an update to the format of the eBill summary. There's no changes happening to how your meter is read or your usage is billed. Sorry for any confusion.


You always have the option to submit a meter read yourself, or receive estimated bills that are amended each time we receive an actual meter reading from your distributor.

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I am confused. Couldn't find my real bill.

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Thank you for letting us know about the $100 late fee. Slap on hands for the person who thought that this needed to be added.

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why add go faster stripes to something that works for billing i wonder? Why not go greener or build Tesla energy n charge us for that? that would deserve a "new look". get real?

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Hi @QBme , we just recently launched our Carbon Neutral offer, and you can certainly use a Tesla battery in our Virtual Power Plant, so don't worry - a fresh coat of paint and "go-faster stripes" on the eBill aren't going to slow down progress on going green!