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Re: Coming soon: The new-look eBill summary

Heres the thing. According the information you provide re ths new Ebill, I am able to go to My Account and see what my USAGE is. This tells me that you are able to let me know my usage. Your bill has to be based on USAGE. Therefore why do you need to estimate or have me read the meter when you can determine hat my USAGE is? Who ever came up with this logic needs to be spoken to.One other thing..BADGES... please stop with that rubbish. We are your customers not children, stop being so condescendi ...
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Re: Coming soon: The new-look eBill summary

The summary shows a late fee of $100.00 against a total bill of $259.00. This is a penalty of of 38.61% . The reserve bank is holding the cash rate @ 0.25%. What is your justification for this?
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