The new-look eBill summary

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After listening to your feedback, we're excited to show you the new-look eBill summary. As well as freshening up the look and feel, we've added some crucial information so you can quickly get the important details about your account.


What's changed?


In addition to your bill amount, due date and other useful links, you'll now see:

  • Whether your bill is an estimated or actual meter read (if you have a basic meter you can avoid an estimated bill by completing a self-service meter read)
  • A link to set a bill due reminder in your calendar
  • Instantly pay your bill with a link to make a payment
  • A snapshot of any applied concessions or discounts
  • A new usage and cost snapshot comparing your usage to the same period last year (if available).
  • A link to our bill explainer page for more info on how to read your bill




ebill summary.JPG




How to view the full bill


While we've tried to include most useful information, you're still able to download your bill in full by selecting View your bill on your bill summary. You won't need to log in to your account to do so.


Alternately, you can access your bill by logging in to My Account.


To access your bill via the AGL app, select the Billing tab, tap the bill you'd like to view, then View PDF.


Questions and feedback


This new-look eBill was created based on feedback from customers like you, and we'd love to hear what you think. If you have any questions or comments, you're welcome to add them to this post!

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If you download the AGL energy app it gives you a snapshot of usage to date and projected bill cost of the bill based on usage to date I assume. Helps keep on top of it a little bit.

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...and like many companies these days - for the many that do NOT have smartphones!!!

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That is true.

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It’s a mock bill. Check out the billing period and due by dates.

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Provided it still has breakdown of individual charges and usage costs it should be ok

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Good to see you listened to customer feedback. What percentage of customers requested the $100 late payment fee?

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I don't want to use the app. If I want to view my full bill I have to log in ? What a pain in the behind. Time to start looking for another supplier.

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One thing I forgot to put in my earlier post was about the estimated usage. Years ago Origin "guesstimated" my bill an average bill was $250 for a single guy living alone. The guesstimate was for over $700 !!!! They use the average of the usage in your area not your average. It was only after I made the threat of going to the ombudsman they did an actual read. Ha they first offered me a payment plan !!! to pay a bill for an amount they made up. So watch out for these guesstimated bills!!!

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Meter reeders aren’t that flash either. The guy mistook a 4 for a 7 and my bill for that period, which has always been around $300 all of a sudden was $900 plus. After taking a photo and many phone calls the bill was reduced to what it should have been. When I questioned AGL as to why a bill that has been around $300 for years and years and suddenly became $900 wasn’t picked up they said it would have been - eventually - when another meter read was done. Fine, but how long would it have taken if they used estimates. About a year was the reply. Not good enough AGL because it’s my money you had that wasn’t yours.


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You've got to be joking right? $100 late payment fee. That's ridiculous. So that's enough to make me change suppliers. I miss by a day and you penalise me nearly 50% of my bill?? Great CX team.

See you later. Origin have just made me an offer and the $100 example in your new, "wonderful" bill may be the straw that breaks the camel's back. Cheers