Solar feed in tariff

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Hi. It's my understanding that the rate for the solar feed in tariff in Victoria is being increased as at 1st July. Can someone confirm that this has actually happened, and if so, what the actual rate is that AGL is now paying?


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Hi Shazz, thanks for asking this! Yes, the solar feed-in tariff went up in four States, including Victoria (where it increased from 5c to 11.3c per kWh) on 1st July. If you have an AGL solar system, you don't need to take any action - the increase will automatically be reflected (as a deduction) on your next bill. You can verify this information by entering some account details here, Thanks so much,

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Hi Nathan,

Do the new feed-in tariffs also apply to those customers on the AGL Premium Feed-in Tariff, which is $0.08 per kWh + government subsidy? i.e. does the $0.08 figure increase?




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Hey KC8,


Thank you for getting in touch!


I'm happy to confirm that our feed-in tariff did increase from 1/7/2017 for all customers.


Your feed-in tariff is essentially made of two components. The first of these is the 'government contribution', which is the amount given to you by the government determined by the installation date of your system. The second component is known as the 'retailer contribution', which is the amount that your retailer, or in this case AGL, offer to their customers. 


In summary, all government contributions remained completed unchanged, however there was a very welcome increase to the retailer contribution. Hopefully this clears things up!





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Thanks Jayden

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I've upgraded my solar system and I'm looking for a higher feed in tariff. I've been a loyal customer for many years and don't want to change companies. However, I may have to change unless you can offer me a better feed in tariff from the 5c that I get at the moment.

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BH, a lot depends on where you are located I think see below *.

Being a new solar customer, I have stayed with AGL at least until I monitor for a while and can make an educated evaluation of the plans and what others might have to offer.


Being in South Australia, and the huge discrepancy between TOU charges and feed in rates, I have quickly come to realise that this in one state you can really only get the best benefit from solar with the installation of a battery too (that will be happening into the new year for us).

Batteries will become the new 'must have' as time goes on, home solar networks will be / can be shutdown through smart meters when the grid is overloaded, or a danger to the system in some way.

Then a battery will be needed to make use of the solar panel investment.


When looking at SA solar plan options, I found for flat out solar and feed in, there is very little difference between AGL and any  so called 'competition'.

Besides the above, feed in is a minor (very minor) point of solar . . . the BIG savings are in maximising daytime use of power in the home, and eliminating that usage as best possible through the daytime solar production.


* In Nth Qld, there is one supplier in my brothers coastal town, they charge him a mere 33c per KWH with a 13c feed in, and he only has to produce a little over double feed in KWH to meet his consumption (he also has a battery).

Here in SA with all the 'competition', we pay peak 50c and feed in 6c, so one can't really offset consumption with production without a massive system and / or battery to help with night usage.

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Hi @BENTLEY-HOWARD we have plans available that may offer you a better feed in tariff than the rate you rate you are on at the moment, called the Solar Savers plan.

Put in your address here, and you can see what the rates would be for your home.

Kind regards,