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Re: Reading the smart Meters

Hi @aj Apologies for the late response! I've assigned your question to one of our very knowledgable team members and they will get back to you with a resolution as soon as possible. Thanks!
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Re: Solar PV Meter/Connection

Hi @josam030 We have a dedicated solar team who can give you the answers you seek, as well as anything else you may wish to know about the Solar PV system. If you head here, you will have the option of chatting to a solar expert online, or alternatively arranging a call back by selecting "Speak to an expert". Thanks!
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Re: Net Meter upgrade issue

Hi @Mookie1085 We're sorry about the delay in getting your net meter installed, the team are working as hard as they can to ensure that customers who have yet to have their new meters installed, are not waiting too much longer. I understand that this doesn't make the waiting better, and while I don't have an exact timeframe for you currently, the advice I've received from our new connections team is that they are trying to speed things along for customers currently experiencing delays.
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Re: Grid draw doesn't make sense

Hi @Dave I'll let the solar team know you're expecting an update. I can see they contacted you on the 1st so hopefully they have further information for you. I'll check it out.
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