Solar feed-in

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Why do all of the electric resellers give such a pathetic infeed amount i get 00.06 if you times that by ruffly by 720 you get what i get charged for power supplied by AGL and don't you say one word about the Government as the amount played for my solar feed in is UNREGULATED so that means all of the rubbish about struggling with profit is a lot of deceitful statements 

you give me $00.06 and sell it for $00.43+ you are making a hug profit when you sell my feed in solar power to my next door Nabours as soon as i can afford to put a big battery on my solar panels i will switch OFF the grid till i need it then turn it on as soon as i am self sufficient again i will TURN IT OFF and not get screwed over by electric resellers  

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I would suggest you look at your plan.


Solar Savers are currently giving 10c for the first 10kWh and then 6 or 7 cents for the remainder.


According to your maths you are paying $43.20 per kWh for electricity (720*$0.06).


In SA we are on a high rate and I pay $0.558 per kWh for peak, get 15c for the first 15kWh and 5c for the remainder.


This means that I get paid only 10% of the cost of my electricity.


Again I suggest that you look at alternate plans. 

is a good place to start.


Single tariff plans are not a good idea these days as retailers now offer Peak, Off Peak and Shoulder rates which are based on various times of the day.


I am on this type of plan (Called TOU or Time of Use), at the present time I am 93% (84 days) into my 90 day billing cycle.


 $ 77.67 $ 0.82 $   35.47 $ 87.86 $ 166.74 $ 57.77


This is the costs so far $222.01 (inc GST) for power supplied from the grid and $224.50 owed for Power supplied to the grid. This is a total of $2.49 credit.


Now if I was paying a single rate tariff of $0.49, Supply Charge of $1.0556 and getting 10c for the first  10Kw and 6c for the remainder I would be getting.

Charged $232 for usage and getting $168.55 from power back to the grid.


So my Bill so far would be OWING $168.55.


You can see there is considerable difference.

Cheers Neil

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It is frustrating how confusing solar can be, and then once you have it how much more confusing finding the right energy plan is.

We are still going through that.


Ok, solar feed in will stay low in general, the uptake in residential solar means energy providers don't need it as much as they used to.

In fact, these energy companies don't have to pay ANYTHING for feed in (it's in the contract), and can take it away with a few days notice.

I can also see a time in the near future when Energy companies will remotely turn off solar feed in from residences when the grid / network don't require it or there's a danger of overloading the network.


You can't leave the grid, not with a typical grid connected solar system.

Best you can do is work within your system budget for solar and a battery, and set up to reduce your bills as much as possible for your unique usage and situation.


THEN a battery is the only way to really benefit from your solar panels, at least here in SA.


Right now, the biggest benefit of solar is to use as much power in the home that you can during the day, when your solar can eliminate as much of that as possible (saves the whole 50c odd per KWH).

If you have a battery and a suitable size solar system, you can eliminate all usage relatively easily.

During winter, you can charge your battery if needed from the grid in shoulder or off peak times.


Feed in is chicken feed, or minor bonus towards supply charge etc, and looking around at options / competition, most are the same.


The Solar Savers looks ok, supply charge a little higher, and to me at least, the first 10kwh for a 4c bonus per kwh is really not cutting it on 70kwh + production on a good sunny day.


Look at some of the info on Solarquotes website, some of their youtube videos, a really good learning place.