network setup issue eero 5 with nbn

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Hello, all

I received eero, a white box, and tried to connect to nbn, black box (ARRIS cm8200 showed).

First issue was that I cannot find gateway from eero app.

Second one was about nbn black box, there were 4 lights and first one was solid green but second and third one keep flashing, the last one was dark.

Anyone can help me, please? I have a hard life without internet. 😞

AGL Community Manager
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Hi @HaoY , is your eero an AGL-provided device?


If you're getting set up for the first time, the Set Up AGL Internet page will be of some assistance to you.


This community might be able to assist as well, but it can be a challenge to troubleshoot complex issues here, because community members will not have access to your account information. 

If you've followed the steps there and you're still having trouble getting online, the next step should be a call to our support centre so an agent can investigate what's wrong.