AGL NBN BYO ASUS RT-AX55 and RT-AX56U Compatibility and settings

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Hi all,


Anyone using the above routers ?


Seeking advice on whether they are compatible and how to set them up. For context see below:


1. Moving to a property with HFC connection

2. Considering using AGL bundled with energy plan, sales guy advised in the system it looks like the NBN box is already installed (assuming this is the modem/little black thingy that connects to the coaxial socket)

3. I have the above mentioned routers at a separate address using TPG (mesh connection, not a techie but i figured it out in some hours)


I like my current arrangement and it is best for me for the 2 storey home + keen on reusing equipment already purchased


Thanks in advance

AGL Community Manager
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Hi @Taps_DIYer ,


Sorry you haven't received any guidance from the community on this one yet. While AGL will endeavour to support any BYO advice, there's no guarantee a BYO device will work, and obviously it's better to have some confirmation for your specific device before you take the plunge, and I haven't heard any reports one way or the other regarding these particular models. If you have tried and successfully used the devices you mentioned, please do let us know so we can share the information to help others.