Port forwarding does not work on AGL Internet

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AGL Internet is great value for general usage but...

Anyone with professional or work from home requirements should most likely steer clear unfortunatly.
After switching to AGL Internet I've been unable to connect to my server due to the fact that AGL does not support / allow port forwarding.
I cannot emphasise enough how frustrating this is. 

Super Charger
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I'd be keen to know if this is on the roadmap given AGL Internet is a new product.

I work from home and don't require this thankfully.

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AGL Community Manager
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@Panda it is indeed on the roadmap - in fact it's the first suggestion we received over in the Ideas space for the new Internet product: https://neighbourhood.agl.com.au/t5/AGL-Internet-Feedback-and-Ideas/Support-Port-Forwarding-with-you...

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Agl does support port forwarding. All you need to do is to ring up customer service and make this request. My guess is the function is not enable by default.

I had my security camera system installed and need to access it remotely. It works fine after I discussed with the agl technical support and the guy completed the task in 15mins.

Good luck to everyone. 🙂

AGL Community Manager
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Thanks for the confirmation, @Alfred !

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Thanks for this question. I can confirm I just got port forward working by calling the internet technical team. They fixed this by making my connection with public facing IP.

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What if agl actually had a technical team prior to selling a product that does not work. No chats available, no NBN contact, no feedback options.


NBN through AGL does not work.