Sending out plug and play internet equipment.

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Recently AGL sent out what was supposed to be plug-and-play equipment to an aged pensioner couple.

While the equipment was capable of being used, the instructions were not.

They have fiber to the premises connection for the NBN. 

The equipment sent out consisted of two boxes, one containing a TPG modem, including instructions for connecting to a DSL service. The other modem was from Southern Phone, with no instructions only a power pack.

The connection was to be made on 24/06/2022 as they already had NBN connected.

After asking several people for help they contacted me on 27/06/022 and asked if I could help with the connection, it is a 50km round trip for me. I could see that the TPG modem was capable of being used with FPPT, so I plugged it in and the internet connected. However there was no home phone working, I know this can take some time to change over so left it at that.

By 02/07/2022 when the phone was still not working and my friends had contacted AGL with no help coming, I traveled the 50km round trip again this time spending 2 hours 22 minutes on the phone to be told that AGL had contacted NBN and that they would be coming to the premises on 08/07/2022 to fix the problem.

The NBN did not arrive between 09:00 and 12:00 as arranged. I again traveled the 50km round trip contacting AGL by phone only to have the call terminated after 22 minutes. I then called AGL back and after 1 hour and 20 minutes finally got on to technical support, unfortunately, I did not record the technical support person's name. However, he was most helpful and was able to tell me over the phone how to connect the two modems in order for the phone to work.

This entire event would have been avoided had AGL simply supplied the correct instructions with the modems in the first instance.

The phone service from AGL is very poor quality, no matter how many times the computer voice tells you your call is important to them, it is clearly not.