Eero Faulty?

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I've had my Eero since signing up with AGL about 6 months ago

I have a fair few smart devices connected which initially was working fine 

However in the last 2 months certain devices are no longer accessible, namely security cams, but are still showing as connected to the network and online

Initially thought was camera issue, but upon obtaining a replacement its still occurring

I've tried speaking to tech support but because my internet is connected they can't assist further. I'm adamant there's some sort of issue or setting blocking its conne tion

I'm paying off the router + extender atm but I'm at my wits end trying to sort this out


Have hard reset/factory reset so many times in the last few weeks, including ALL my devices


Has anyone experienced issues similar to this? I prefer not to return it as it's a nifty device but if my security cams can't connect there's no point



AGL Moderator
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Hi @YashaK 


Please ensure you have updated the eeros to the latest firmware, for help in updating, please visit: 
If the issue continues, please get in touch with our technical support team on 13 12 45, or by chatting to us through our website or app. 

Kind Regards, Hannah