MMS not working - send failure

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hi there

can anyone please help - ported to AGL last week and now just realised can't send/receive MMS (photos)

have restarted iphone a few times 


AGL Community Manager
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Hi all - it seems that numerous new customers have found that MMS is disabled and they've needed to get in touch with us to activate it. I'm going to follow up on this issue and look into why this is the case - thanks for sharing your feedback here. 

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Hi David, one of the guys at my work suggested mms a picture to yourself that may enable the feature, that I never thought?

Also is there any ETA of international roaming for customers given that all of the other telcos have this service? Obviously if there is a fee involved I wouldn’t mind paying for this. 

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@Mick_Cazza I'm on AGL Mobile myself and I just tested sending an MMS message. It worked fine, and I've never specifically requested it to be turned on. I wonder if this is a recent change. If so, it should be mentioned somewhere because it's clearly causing frustration.


Regarding international roaming - it's on the way, but unfortunately I can't share a timeframe for availability at this stage.

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Hi @Mick_Cazza,


MMS is disabled by default because of an increase in scams utilizing it. To enable MMS, you can get in touch with support and they'll switch it on for you. 

Unfortunately, at this time we do not offer international roaming. 


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Even going back to the old Nokia era there was always international roaming with the Telco I was with.. it’s a pretty average service if you don’t provide that to keep up with times & keep customers happy.

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This is so annoying. I just tried to call but the issue can only be fixed by customer service, not technical support and they are only available Monday to Friday. 

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This does not seem to be the issue for us: MMS can easily be activated from the AGL app: use ‘manage mobile’ which then logs you into your AGL account & where you can magage phone settings incl. MMS on or off. We have this on for both our iPhones.


No, the ongoing problem for us now is that we no longer can send any photos or weblinks to our friends & family via Messages.


This was not a problem with any of our former Telcos, iPhone settings are all correct. Clearly this is an AGL problem.


Sorry I switched now, has been SO much extra work with support etc. Dont even get me started with a botched Home Phone port for our 94 yr old mother in law who now cant commicate with anyone, including her elderly sister in hospital in UK. 

Dreadful service to date. 

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You need to call tech support tomorrow as don’t operate weekends and ask them to turn MMS on behind the scenes.
All will be fine after this.

All the best
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This is unrelated to my post:

MMS can easily be turned on or off via the AGL phone app under Phone Number /Manage Mobile, 


The issue here is that Android phone users cannot receive photos or weblinks from our iPhones. MMS is indeed turned ON for both our phones.


Have already spent some 25 hrs of time over the last two weeks with AGL phone calls & chat about:


* botched home phone transfer (still inactive);

* no plan documents can be provided for our xsmall 5gb plans;

* no forthcoming promised credit to electricity after adding internet: any numer of responses including ‘youre not eligible’ to $200, $300 & now even $600 bribes.


Over it. Next, the Telecommunications ombudsman.


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Hi @profdraper 

I will privately message you regarding this issue.