Can't add esim to my phone.

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Every time I scan the QR code attached to the email, my iPhone says "unable to complete cellular plan change"

Is there any way to fix it?

AGL Community Manager
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Hi @OldSam -  a few things you can try here: 


  • Make sure you're on a stable wireless connection
  • Make sure your phone isn't locked to another provider
  • Make sure your phone supports eSim and it's OS is up date
  • Restart your phone


If you have no luck with these, try giving support a call

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Nah buy thanks bro.

After going through 3 or 4 customer service staffs who knew nothing and could not understand the problem I was experiencing. I told them I'd like to "reset" my esim number, they actually reset my physical sim card as well. After three to four hours of no signal I spent an extra $10 to get a new esim QR code and successfully added it to my phone.