Apple Watch and mobile plan

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I’m considering switching my mobile carrier to AGL, but I’m wondering what happens with my Apple Watch. I currently am with Optus and get number sharing for an additional $5 on my plan. What is the situation with an AGL mobile plan? 

AGL Community Manager
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Hi @Mizj , I assume that you don't have a physical sim card in your Apple Watch? 

At this stage AGL Mobile does support eSim, but doesn't yet support wearables.

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Can this be true - I have just switched to AGL mobile based on an assurance by a Chat Assistant that an iWatch eSim is no problem : 2:02, Sep 21
Atanu: Before I suggest a plan that is suitable for your needs, can you tell me what's important to you?
12:03, Sep 21
You: I'm with Optus with a low demand Mobile plan and iWatch attached
12:04, Sep 21
You: low data and low local calls
12:05, Sep 21
Atanu: Based on the information you've provided, I recommend X-Small SIM PlanData5GB Little or no useJust for QR codes Use their phones at home only Rural customers with little need or access to data Use ashome phone replacement $15 Combined with AGL energy accountPricing - $10 Combined with AGL Energyaccount and promo offer*Calls/TextUnlimited Calls, SMS and MMS to standard Australian numbersInternational$50 Can be used for standard landline and mobile numbers to overseas destinations $20Standard price without discount
12:07, Sep 21
You: thanks, and ca I add the iWatych and what does that cost extra?
12:07, Sep 21
Atanu: No we do not have any extra cost .
12:09, Sep 21
Atanu: You will receive an email from AGL with details of how to activate your eSIM.
12:10, Sep 21
You: Sounds good, I have everything i need now- thanks again

AGL Community Manager
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Hi @Mike-007 hopefully AGL esIM will support wearables soon, but unfortunately I can confirm that this is not the case currently. Based on the chat transcript I'd say that the agent provided you with incorrect info and may not have understood what you were asking for. 

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Hi David,

Is this still the case? as your response was several months ago. I recently signed my 86yo mother up to your $25 mobile plan with eSIM on an iPhone 11 Pro Max, and was told that I can add her Series 5 cellular Apple Watch to the plan by multiple Customer Service people (in your off-shore call centre).. and while pairing her phone, setting it up, and I most certainly am following the apple instructions.. I get the message in the WATCH app on the mobile " "MOBILE SET_UP.. Your OPTUS (AGL uses Optus 4G) account is not eligible to enable mobile data on your Apple Watch. Contact OPTUS at 133 937 for more information." 

So.. does that mean I've been sold a DUD plan? IF so, I'd like to get out of it. I am an authorised person on my mother's account. Feeling so very disappointed.. and have wasted SOOOOO MUUCH TIME on this that it's just not funny. I can't get thru to anyone who is capable of helping me. Happy to provide an account number, but PLEASE do not ask me to call the OS call centre.

AGL Moderator
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Hi @Carmen19 

At this stage, there has been no change with this, AGL esims do not yet support wearables. 

If you would like to cancel this mobile plan, please call us or speak to us via chat through our website or app. 

Kind Regards, 

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Hi AGL, can you provide an estimated date that AGL plan to support eSIM for Apple Watch? 


AGL Moderator
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Hi @Jordan3 


At this stage there is no estimated date for this. 


Kind Regards, Hannah

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Any updates on when AGL mobile esim will support apple watch, Thanks?

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Hi Rwoolf, 


We currently have no ETA regarding this feature.


Warm regards,