advising of self read meter reading

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Bow can I submit a photo to AGL of a self read meter reading??????????????????????


Please provide an e mail address that will accept such a photo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Current reading is 5259kWh at 01/07/2020.  Meter 4-1659499.  SN: 212616866

AGL Community Manager
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Hi @Fletch . You can submit meter readings both online through your My Account and through the AGL Energy app.


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how do I get my account to accept the photos of my meter read as it keeps telling me it won't accept 

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Your site will not accept my gas meter read!!  I have chatted with your representative and sent in photo of my meter read. 
still no reply as to my account and new amount owed?????

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I have exactly the same issue (it stopped just before our last billing cycle ~24th of Sept and I can’t get a response from AGL in their contact us chat (I’ve had 4 attempts thus far).  

The iPhone App doesn’t show the option for us any more.  But if I go into the webpage and try, it now shows submitting a gas usage meter reading as “service ineligible”.  Not sure if you can see the same issue.


I’ve provided them with a screenshot highlighting the issue. 

Not amusing at all, as I believe our gas usage estimate has been overstated (due to being away from our home for a couple of weeks).

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Mine was eventually resolved after spending hours chatting online to their representatives.  However extremely frustrating as it was their estimate and twice the amount of my eventual bill!

hope your’s is resolved soon 💪

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You didn't answer the question. 

I, too, have been trying to find out why you stopped accepting photos of the meters. 

This system needs to be reinstated urgently.  There are plenty of people that have an issue with reading meters. 

When you accepted photos, my bill never ever fluctuated by such a large amount as they do now.

Either make it easier to submit the information or do what you're supposed to do and read the meters monthly. 

Having sbguess is unacceptable.