Why are people receiving estimated bills when their meters are accessible and gates are not locked?

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My gate has never been locked- (25 +years) and no dog either.

My meter is accessible. My estimate was way over.

My son's gate wasn't locked either in a neighbouring suburb- all of a sudden we both have estimated bills. 

Why is this happening now? When we haven't had heaters going because of the warmer weather, so of course your estimate will  be greater.

It seems like a deliberate ploy to make money or to get the public to read the meters for you or both.







Super Nova
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I fail to see how having an estimate, instead of an actual read, is "ripping you off". If the consumption was lower than the estimate then you will pay a bit more in this cycle, but that will be adjusted the next time, so over the year the account should balance. If you think it is out by a lot then there is the facility to enter the reading yourself.


The meter readers are not actually employed by AGL, or any of the other retailers, they work for the Supply Utility who manage the grid in your area. They only get the daily supply fee from you and how many heaters you run is irrelevant to them.


I think you owe someone a "suspected apology"

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I have heard from numerous persons that if your meter reader is an Indian, that if they hear a dog barking they will not enter the yard,


I have a friend that lives in the Shepparton area in Vic and she told me that as well, while I spent the week with her I saw 3 cases where the delivery driver did not enter even though THREE people told them it was safe to come in.


Meter Readers are supplied from your SUPPLIER and NOT BY YOUR RETAILER. The retailer (AGL) simply pays a fee to the company that does your meter reads.


This is a very good reason to go to a smart meter...

Cheers Neil

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