TOU vs Smart Meter

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I have a TOU Meter fitted on my supply. I have two phases connected, so a three phase meter.

AFAIK this is not classed as a Smart Meter as it still needs to be read on site and not remotely.



  • Are there any advantages to change to a Smart Meter?
  • Are there any disadvantages to change to a Smart Meter?
  • What would be the cost to swap to a new meter?
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Hi @Caban ,


The key advantages of a digital, or smart meter, are more timely access to your usage data, and less reliance on on-site meter reads for accurate billing. Other Neighbourhood users might be able to share more, but for now take a look at our Digital Meters help page for more info, including on installation costs. 


The short answer is that the upgrade to a digital meter is free of upfront costs unless remedial works are required to ensure the site is safe and suitable.