Supply address suddenly wrong

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I started using AGL Gas and Electricity in Oct 2021. in Aug 2022, I found that the supply address on AGL Online was wrong, but was correct on my electronic bills. Then I chatted with staff online. It was finally fixed in Sep 2022 (at least at that moment I saw the supply address on AGL Online was correct).


Today I logged on my account and found that the supply address is wrong again!


Can AGL tell me what happened? Why my supply address was changed by itself twice? It seems to me that AGL does not treat user data seriously!!!


I saw from the forum that I am not the only one facing this problem. Can AGL give us a good explanation?

AGL Moderator
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Hi @slchan,


Welcome to Neighbourhood!  Your meter is linked in our system to the wrong premise. I'll send you private message to grab your account details from you so that we can fix this.  


Kind Regards, 



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Hi Olgi,


When I first reported the problem in Aug, your colleague asked me to provide the meter information. I asked our building manager to take a photo of the electricity meter, and the meter number is the same as the one in my account.


When I first subscribed the service, all information were correct. The address was wrong in Aug, after I have been using the service for 10 months. It sounds strange to me that the meter is linked in the system to a wrong premise. What has actually gone wrong?


Anyway, thanks for your reply. I would message you my account information shortly.

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Facing same issue

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Hi @Fl, I will need to take a look at the account to see what has happened for you. I'll send you a private message to get started. Thanks- Mark.

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My postal address is correct but my supply address is incorrect in my bill; i have called 3 times and have been told same is fixed but its not; can you please provide reason and help fixing this


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Hi Vineet, Thanks for reaching out. I will send you a private message shortly so I can investigate further. Cheers, Deepesh