Solar Feed in not Recorded

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The feed to the grid appears to have stopped working  / recording

over the past 4 moths the amount of solar returned to the grid was only 14 kw 

the home was vacant for 1 month for vacation.

since the last bill May 27 the input is only 1 kw


this would sujest that there is a problem 

how do i resolve this 


Please help


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Hi solar1,


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The best place to start is your inverter. I'd encourage you to check this and ensure that there are no obvious signs indicating that your system is malfunctioning, e.g. a blank screen, warning lights etc.


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Already done all that. everything is working.

I've even had the electrician back out and they can't find anything wrong.

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Old thread and you don't specify your problem @Steb if exactly same as the OP.


I had a issue after my solar was first installed, very low feed in for my 11.23kw system, ended up the solar people / and either network provider or AGL still had the site export limit set to zero !

12 mins after this was discovered we were putting out 9kw from the system, mostly to the grid.


Not saying this is your problem, without knowing the circumstances of your solar (existing or new), just what happened to us for about 3 days.

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I've had the solar for about 11 months.

the problem started when I had my switch board updated and some wiring replaced.

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Switchboard updated / wiring replaced by an electrician ?

And it changed after that, so looks like that will be the issue, something not wired up as it was ?


If by switchboard you meant meter(s) upgraded, then it could be the networks provider doing the work that are responsible.


As a curiousity, what does you account overview window say where it notes "Solar Status" ?

It should say "It looks like your solar system is active."


Good luck getting it sorted as fast as possible, not good wasting any excess feed to grid . . .

I take it you are getting your daytime power needs covered by production ?