Smart meter and electricity usage

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Hi guys,


So I'm a new user since 01.03.2019. I didn't receive the first bill yet, but I can see on my app estimated usage and it confused me. For example on the day we were moving in, so no appliances in the house to use electricity, only dishwasher, oven and cooking panel connected passively with no one to use, I have supposedly spent 41.80 kWh of electricity. I have a smart meter connected, so I don't understand why my usage is estimated in the first place. I called customer service/chatted with them and I got two different answers. First I was told because I have a smart meter it's not physically read quarterly so I ask does this mean the data I have on the app is a correct reading of spending and I got wage answer meaning it could be yes and no. The second time I was told my smart meter will be read on 25.04.2019 and bill corrected than accordingly. So what is the truth?  Do smart meters get read quarterly? Anybody?

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Hi Eos22,


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It sounds like you've been given some inconsistent explanations here which I'd like to apologise for. If you have a smart meter then this will always be read remotely, and your usage data should update within your app periodically. Your data should typically be actual, but after your account is opened it may appear as estimated for a short period of time. You should expect this to change within the next week or so.





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Report them to ewon. Ive asked 5 different agl employees, including managers to provide the smart meter readings on my electricity bills just like all others do (have had smart meter resdings with energyaus, powershop, amaysim, origin, red energy) as they ARE read quarterly yet they refuse to so I have reported to ewon, waiting for them to supply them now.

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Good Afternoon All,


Just to let you all know that my issue was successfully resolved after I got my first bill. My electricity consumption data was revised and I got a revised bill issued with correct data.

I also want to thank AGL Community Moderator and the rest of the AGL team that worked on resolving this issue. You were a tremendous help to me. Good to know there are people in AGL customer service willing to help.

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Hi Eos22,


Thank you for your kind words!


I'm glad we were able to get a resolution for you.


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Hi Eos22,


What did AGL do to resolve this as I seem to have the same problem as you; with the readings in the AGL app being very different to what my solar analytics meter is reading.



Jan Michael

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I would like to know how much is on I owe now for my electricity bills and Gas bill 

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@Betty781 , you can see view your current account details by visiting My Account on the AGL website.