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Re: Smart meter and electricity usage

Good Afternoon All, Just to let you all know that my issue was successfully resolved after I got my first bill. My electricity consumption data was revised and I got a revised bill issued with correct data.I also want to thank jaydeny AGL Community Moderator and the rest of the AGL team that worked on resolving this issue. You were a tremendous help to me. Good to know there are people in AGL customer service willing to help.
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Smart meter and electricity usage

Hi guys, So I'm a new user since 01.03.2019. I didn't receive the first bill yet, but I can see on my app estimated usage and it confused me. For example on the day we were moving in, so no appliances in the house to use electricity, only dishwasher, oven and cooking panel connected passively with no one to use, I have supposedly spent 41.80 kWh of electricity. I have a smart meter connected, so I don't understand why my usage is estimated in the first place. I called customer service/chatted wi ...
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