Request for an upgrade to smart meter

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Hi team,


I rang up the AGL digital meter support team and attempted to request an upgrade to a smart meter.  I do not currently have a solar ecosystem install but would like to better track of my heavy consumption prior to considering the solar system.


The adviser on the call have asked me to contact an electrician to conduct an assessment of the existing phases (???) and fill out an application form which is to be lodged to Endeavour energy myself.  Is this the correct procedures?  I am a little confuse of why I need to have my own electrician to complete this request but not via AGL who is my retail supplier?  Can you please advise. 


Thank you so much for your help.


Kind regards


AGL Moderator
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Hi Minikakat,


If this is just a standard meter exchange this shouldn't be required.


I'd suggest reaching out to the digital metering team again to follow up either on 1300 669 245 or for further assistance.


Sorry for the inconvenience this matter has caused.


Kind Regards,


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I also called the 1300 number to request an upgrade to a smart meter and was told I needed an electrician to submit an EWR to Energex.

Is this necessary? I do have solar panels, so perhaps that was the reason.

I had hoped that it was simply a matter for AGL to arrange without needing to complicate matters by involving another party.




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Hi DavidW,


Yes, this paperwork is a necessary step of this process. Apologies for any inconvenience caused.


Kind regards,



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I don't drink but I'm thinking of taking it up after four years of frustration with you people.

1. Don't send me surveys if you're not going to take any notice of my responses.

2 when I started this reply the welcoming screen referred to Reta.

I spent four months trying to get you to change the accounts to me, DAVID.

I ended up getting the Ombudsman involved., Yet you are still referring to Reta who died for years ago.

3. Like others, I want to get a smart meter. I don't have solar and have a modern switchboard with safety switches etc.

I have also been told I need to get a private electrician for what purpose I don't really know. I'm then to ring AGL and provide the electricians licence number and contact phone. Why?

What is the truth?








AGL Moderator
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Hi, sorry you have had this experience and you are getting conflicting information regarding the meter exchange. To resolve these issues please get in touch with the resolutions team via messenger. You can access this by selecting 'Message Us" in the Overview tab via My Account or you can access this via the AGL app, select account, then support.