Smart Meter unable to be read

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I have a smart meter, last configured back in November 2018, and the bill is still an estimate. I raised this issue on 28 December 2018 and am still waiting for a call back (ref 1568698338).


In addition to an estimated bill, the website's AGL IQ usage is suspiciously regular (the exact same usage every Monday, every Tuesday, see below). And the solar production (now in the 1,000s of kWh) is not showing up at all. Nor has any solar credit been included in a bill.


When can I expect the actual meter data to be used?



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Hi SparkyA,


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This does look very unusual. Typically when we're provided estimated data this repetitive it means that actual data has not been obtained from your meter, which can occur for a few different reasons. To address this, you will need to get in touch with our customer service team which you can do via web chat here.

If you have any further questions, please sing out!





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TELL ME WHEN MY meter was last READ what was the date, the amount and who read it and by what method??? ref no 1823249392.NO lies this time!! 

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These are community pages and can be answered by any member of the community.


When your meter was last read, is printed on your last bill.


Supply period: 15 Oct 2021 to 12 Jan 2022 (90 days)

So in my case above it was on the 12th Jan 2022.

I have a smart meter so that was at 23:59 on the 12th.


Further more, on your last bill you will find the following information,



You can see that all readings are all Actual - the reading from the last bill, the latest reading, and the number of kWh generated or used during the 90 day period.

My bottom meter is Off Peak which we currently not using.


Now if the readings are not Actual then they are marked as Estimated.


If Estimated then the reason is that the Meter Reader had no access to the property for some reason.


Normal causes of this, are that the meter is behind a locked gate or there is a animal in the meter box area that is not allowing the Meter Reader to safely access the area.


Meter Readers are normally subcontracted by Retailers, to your Supplier, who in turns supplies the manual meter reads back to your Retailer.


You can, if you desire, carry out your own meter readings and send them to AGL.


Instructions for this are at:


If you have a Smart Meter then the meter readings are transmitted every half hour from your meter to the correct collection point, this information can be downloaded from AGL as a Comma Separated Value format for up to the last two years usage.


Many Suppliers and Retailers can also supply a NEM format file in CSV format for up to the last two years.


Now if you you really have an issue then you should not be asking for assistance from the Community but contact AGL directly via the information on the Contact Us page.



No lies from me, just factual information that you can use to possibly help you resolve your issue.


Its no wonder that no-one has replied to your query, your statement is ARGUMENTATIVE and shows no respect to any readers.


If this solves your issue ( which this should have as I have answered all your DEMANDS) please solve this and also like my reply.


In your previous post I see that you got no replies for the same reason.




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