Delay to connection, NO CONTACT, no unit number in online details. Urgent.

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I was due to have elec on 29/1 and gas on 30/1. I have NEITHER.


Also the address is supposed to be UNIT 5,  NOT THE WHOLE 8-UNIT BLOCK (it only shows as the street number !!!!)

Is this the delay?


I have a photo of my elec meter, but the account really needs to be taken OUT OF THE LANDLORDS NAME and put into mine as the tenant ASAP.


I have had ZERO UPDATES from you about why it is NOT done.

please to advise what the hell is taking so long, what to do to have it fixed NOW, and WHO to contact regarding the AGL new connection in 1 business day or AGL pays me for costs.


It is vital this is fixed this week. Origin already failed to transfer the account properly in OCTOBER and I went with you purely for the guarantee of connection and promise of updated info. Neither of which has occurred so I'm really unhappy.

My landlord is threatening to leave me with no electricity or gas due to her surprising receipt of my bills - and my real estate agent is really unhappy about it. I promised this would be done this week based on YOUR promises to me when booked on Thursday 24th. Its a basic switch here and clearly marked and labelled in power boxes. 


None of the switchboards or meters are inside the unit and can be accessed from the street. Please help. Also if the gas guy is lost unit 5 is the first upstairs unit on the LEFT and gas meter is near the ground behind the unit underneath.

Update please as soon as possible. Thanks.

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Hi Aquila,


Thank you for joining the Community, though I'm sorry that you've joined under these circumstances.


In these sorts of situations, it's very important that you begin my checking the position of the electricity circuit breakers in your fuse box and the handle on your gas meter to ensure that all of these are in the 'On' position.


If everything is in the 'On' position, then I strongly encourage you to get in touch with your customer service team ASAP as we can not offer assistance passed this through the Community I'm sorry to say. Our contact details can be found here.


Kind regards,



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As the account has been active in the owners name (another provider), all switches are in the ON position (checked this morning to be sure). I currently have ACTIVE electricity and gas supply, but until this move in request happens, it is billing my landlord. She's livid about it. 


I'm not sure what to do about having the UNIT NUMBER attached to my account (can you at least do this for me, so it reads the full correct address and not the block please!!!), OR how to make the change go through smoothly. 


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1548887094971.jpgCurrent meter reading and how to identify my meter

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Thanks Aquila and apologies for the misunderstanding.


The process of opening an account typically takes a week or so to complete once the meters have been read. If your meters were only due to be read this week, then you should expect to receive confirmation between now and the end of next week that your accounts are now open which will automatically close your landlords account.


You will be contacted directly if any issues arise that prevent us from doing this.


Kind regards,



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“night lights on in one business day guaranteed, or we’ll pay you up to $250 a day” 

So that’s better?? ^ that is verbatim from the advertising run by AGL (and still running today). My electricity expectations are a misunderstanding? Based on what?? 


Should I have heard and read this guarantee as “one business week”? I fail to see how I’ve been the one with a misunderstanding in this case. What was misunderstood - Was it my interpretation of your primary marketing message/ sales pitch or was the misunderstanding in expecting that you’d met the legal requirement of your advertisement having true and accurate information? 


Taking a week is FINE. Except when you’re misleading potential customers who might select another provider if everyone offers this period of approx one week for connection. Except mostly they all do, br agl says they can do it in one day - not ‘as little as’ or ‘from one dat’ But they guarantee it IN ONE BUSINESS DAY - connection, or job completion (as identifiable by saying  “lights ON” and the lack of *,^,# fineprint saying “completion may take 7 days” - in fact it says “with one business days notice” fine print when the $250 deal is on screen). 


The non-contact is explained by the belief at company end that 7 day completion is  acceptable or reasonable despite providing NO ADVISE at any stage of advertising OR during the application process to an impending or potential customer that anything BUT  the claim to take one business day. 


A week to complete AFTER a ‘scheduled’ or routine meter read isn’t normal for a new account! This means some attempts at new move in connections could potentially not be turned on for as many as 98days (91 days plus your week). 


Um I’m pretty sure you’ll find even agl have never taken 98 days to connect an application requesting one 2-3 days after lodging, and if they somehow have, never done it without contacting the customer?? 


People don’t only love when meters are due ro be read. The energy retailer sends a request to the state provider or wholesaler who’s actually ‘on the ground’ (SA Power Networks). Who operate every day, at least every business day for standard job orders (aka meter reads and switch flicking), and do so until midnight each time. 


When you (being agl) “accidentally lodged a meter read as a disconnect”, the man was able to have it corrected at your cost, on the same day I called and while it was the last job of the night on at 11:28pm, I didn’t even call until late afternoon. So a couple of days IS possible and one business day could be ‘most of the time’ possible (extreme events not included). 


So I’m conclusion I’d say I’ve presented my lack of misunderstanding fairly thoroughly, and with every manner of context and logic I can think of to highlight the issue with your response. 


I have now reposted and in that re-requested info for the $250 (up to) payment agl are still claiming to pay when supply isn’t on at the point of being customer-usable in a day. 


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  • Should read people don’t only *move* when meter reads are due (they don’t only love then either but it’s an autocorrect error in this context).