Is a charger for n EV allowed as a Controlled Load (22kW 3 phase)).

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Just moving towards the purchase of an Electric vehicle (EV) and I am approaching electricians to install a charger.  Am I still allowed to connect a controlled load (1).  Is a car changer considered an appriate load for a controlled load.  (I would only need 6 hours charging, so CL1 from midnight to 7am (or 23:00 to 6:00) would be enough to fully charge the vehicle battery twice,



Craig Rayner

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Your electrician should be able to answer this question.

However, if you currently have a CL in use, you may be required to have a meter with two CL circuits in it.

Again your electrician should be able to supply this information.


Cheers Neil

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Cheers Neil

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No its not (here in Qld at least). Our sparkie installed a 7kw charger and did a lot of other upgrade work for us recently. We also had a smart meter installed by previous energy provider Powershop. In any case, the use of a Controlled Load is resereved exclusively for things like Hot Water and Pool, not EVs. And authorities do not take kindly to jury-rigging anything else ...


Best for EV plans, perhaps use a Time of Use tarrif and charger scheduling (either via the car if it has this, or via a phone app). We've had several plans like this, eg, Powershop with cheap rates for overnight; ReAmped with cheap off peak rates during the day etc. Of course with the recent energy spike stitch from big power companies & coal stations suddenly deciding to go off line, we've been forced to move again.


Now with AGL Electric Vehicle paln, a 24 month fixed price contract and (usually in my experience) a fixed price across the board. So, makes no difference when we charge or use appliances, but will see how that goes over time.


There may be other Time Of Use tarrifs avaiable for the EV paln - Energy Made Easy govt site indicates this, but I have as yet been unable to get any sense out of AGL - they do not respond to email, and the contact routes are limited to either a bot /chat session which never knows what you are talking about, then diverts to long wait times for an operator, or by phone & which again results in very long wait times ... by design I guess, preferences shareholders over customers.

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Sorry to hear that.profdraper.


My own research shows that AGL offer specific CL1 and CL2 load classes for EV Chargers here in NSW Regional.  So I will be ensuring that my electrician is aware of those options and my expectation. 

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This depends on your distributor not your retailer, if the distributor denies this then your retailer cannot override. If the distributor permits then the retailer has no say. Endevour energy in NSW specifically list EV chargers as an approved appliance for controlled load circuit.