How do I read new Landis+Gyr 355 smart meter ?

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Hi everyone,

I've just had a Landis+Gyr 355 smart meter installed at home. I've received no information on this meter and cant seem to find it, or any information, on the internet.


Is anyone able to tell me what the different codes correspond to?  I have general use Tariff 11, Economy Tariff 33 and I have a PPA with Energex through to 2026 at $0.44 per kW.  Im stuggling to work out the different codes.

According to the AGL App I have almost ceased exporting power to the grid from the date of installation.


Can someone help fill these codes in for me and/or point me to a customer/user information sheet for this meter?


Thanks AvH_40

1= time

2 = Date

3= ?

4 = ?

15 = ?

16 = ?

21 = T33 (Pretty sure)

22 = isnt being used.

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Hi AvH_40, thanks for being part of the Neighbourhood.


You can find information about digital meters and their displays on our website here. If you need further information, please feel free to get in touch with us here. 


Kind Regards,


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Hi Jenna,

 I’m exasperated. I searched online for quite some time and couldn’t find the information I wanted. I submitted messages: Virtual assistant was a waste of time and the real person couldn’t answer the question! So I came on to AGL Neighbourhood so someone could answer my question and all you have done is send me to one website that doesn’t have the info I want or to another so that that has options that I have already wasted time trying!. 

Don’t you work for AGL, can’t you go find the information and reply with it so you can provide some customer service? 

I’ll ask again: I have a Landis+Gyr 355 meter just installed. What do these codes correspond to in electricity usage-generation. 1= time, 2 = Date, 3=?,   4 =?,   15 =?,   16 =?   21 = T33 (Pretty sure)   22 = isnt being used.

Thank you, AvH_40

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Hi AvH_40,


The information AGL record, in terms of the different display screens, are listed on our website. If you're unable to locate those displays on that page, I would recommend contacting your distributor, who can provide some more detailed information for you!


Kind Regards,


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To whom it may concern,

I have recently had a Landis and Gyr e355 electricity meter installed and I am wanting to know what the set of codes on the display mean. They are:-

01 - Time

02 - Date

03 - ?? 

04 - ??

15 - ??

16 - ??

21 - ??

22 - ?? (does not seem to be used)


Both Energex and AGL do not seem to have the answer to this SIMPLE request at hand.


Please explain!


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Hi @collex, welcome to AGL Neighbourhood! 


We don't manage your metering so we only have some information about your meter, you would need to reach out to your metering provider for those specific registers and functions, I'll send you a private message so we can find out who that is for you. 



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Intellihub installed the meter on Monday 8th of August. I assume they did this on behalf of Energex and was organised via AGL.

I am astonished that the information i am requesting is so difficult to obtain.

I suggest that when meters are installed, the homeowner receives a simple fact sheet about the meter and how to read it.

If the information is shown on my next AGL Billing Invoice, I apologise, but when meters are rolled out to customers this kind of basic information should be available before they get it.


Kind regards,

Colin Christiansen

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Did you ever figure out what each of the codes on the meter are for.

I have been trying to get this from AGL who are extraordinarily evasive on such a basic issue.

it was AGL who advised the meter would be changed so it should be AGL who provides this information. 

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Hi DaveR1,


I am fairly sure I have worked out (by deduction) that Codes 15, 16 and 21 are T11, T40 (feed-in), and T33 respectively.


I haven't bothered to work out Codes 03 and 04.


I have received no answers from Energex or AGL or Meter Manufacturers thus far.




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 It's now 2023! Same issue.  As above,  what are the code reading?