2 Meters - Gas bill

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I live in an apartment building & noticed there are 2 gas meter numbers on my bill. Is this normal & can I know why there are 2 meter numbers.

My most recent bill has gone up drastically. There are only 2 people in my unit & compared to my sister which is a household of 4 (stand alone house) it is way higher. I am not sure how this could be.

Can you please shed some light on the above questions.


Thank you.

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Seems this is a common issue with gas.

This thread linked below is from 2023, and Olgi's answer on page one suggests dual gas metering in "buildings where Bulk Hot Water is used, meaning that one of the meters is used to measure your General Consumption and the other meter measures how many litres of hot water you're using at your apartment."




A newer post from last week still shows people have this as a general issue . . .




No answer given for that one apart from the usual "send a private message" to address the inquiry.

It'd be good to know outcomes and reasons for such things, so others can more easily find possible causes.