Hot water issue after smart meter installation

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We had smart meter installed 12 days ago and since then the hot water would run out in the evening. We're family of 4 with 2 small toddlers and even with very short showers, I'm having lukewarm to cold showers at the end of the day. The meter usage shows a jump in usage from 1am onwards which is presumably when the hot water system is getting heated. We're on controlled load 1 so it SHOULD kick in at 10pm (not 1am) which I don't mind if it's the case and I can a shower at 11pm but right now I have to wait until 2am to get hot water again.


Called and spoke with AGL 5 times so far, reassured it'll be investigated in 24-48hrs over the week, the matter gets "escalated" with lots of reassurance and sympathy but even when the "resolution team" called and I get a text 2 days later saying they're "unable to complete your electricity meter investigation." and to call again. Can't change to controlled load 2 because they want to sort this meter issue out first which is fine but please fix the issue! 


Can someone please have a look since it's the long weekend and calling AGL doesn't seems to get any results. Thank you.

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We've enjoyed more hot water but prices have increased. Time to investigate further. Don't enjoy having no control tho.Sent from my Galaxy
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Just experiencing the same issue after a smart meter install. Guessing I'm not the only one and there is a fox for this now???

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Avoid communicating with any AGL personnel; instead, report the issue directly to the ombudsman. The pipe started leaking following the installation of the new meter, and I must locate a repair service before filing a claim. I'm extremely exhausted from dealing with all of this post-meter installation.

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Well im on controlled load 2 and am waiting 8 hours for hot water since having smart meter installed. Im supposed to be getting 18 hours power a day for hot water but im getting approx 2. I have complained 3 times and still waiting for resolution. Ive told them to just try and give me a high bill when ive spent the whole quarter going without showers or waiting all day for one. I wont be paying it.

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Hi @lismich thank you for your comment, I'm sorry to hear about your trouble with the hot water, I can imagine how frustrating that would be.

I'm going to reach out privately to get some more details.

Kind regards,

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Same issue, new meter installed Monday June 3rd,  we never have run out of water until Monday night, had a plumber come by today Tuesday, change thermostat and fuses in box to make sure, now second night go to shower my toddler and no hot water after one person only had a 10 min shower. 
called AGL now waiting on a response back as it’s now to late in the evening to investigate.