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Re: Hot water issue after smart meter installation

Sorry to hear you guys are having the same issue. We eventually fixed our issue but it took A LOT of calls. AGL kept telling me it was the distributor's (Ausgrid) issue and when I rang Ausgrid they said it's the retailer AGL's issue. Eventually when I got through to someone from AGL, I was put on hold while they rang Ausgrid directly and after some discussion, Ausgrid agreed to send someone to "switch" something on our meter. It happened again a few months later when we lost power (down tree) an ...
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Re: Why do we have two electricity meter?

@XeniosTzionis this is the problem we're having, almost 4 weeks now and the meter people are still "looking into it" (see my post). Your hot water system was probably on the general usage meter before so it was always heating. Now it's on controlled load 1 and only getting electricity from 10pm. You might want to change to control load 2 by calling AGL
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Hot water issue after smart meter installation

We had smart meter installed 12 days ago and since then the hot water would run out in the evening. We're family of 4 with 2 small toddlers and even with very short showers, I'm having lukewarm to cold showers at the end of the day. The meter usage shows a jump in usage from 1am onwards which is presumably when the hot water system is getting heated. We're on controlled load 1 so it SHOULD kick in at 10pm (not 1am) which I don't mind if it's the case and I can a shower at 11pm but right now I ha ...
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