Using significant amount of gas

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we are a 2 person household living in an apartment in sydney with 2 gas meters (one for gas cooking and one digital meter for hot water).


we just recently moved from a townhouse to an apartment and our new daily hot water usage is 92mj. We’ve done some calculations and worked out that a 13 minute shower is using .047m3, and a 6 minute shower is using ~.020m3.


At our previous place we had 3 people and our average daily usage was 30mj (we have not done anything different to add to this usage)


we’ve tried to contact our gas company (agl) but the agent said that this usage rate (92mj daily) is normal for a 2 person household. i’m posting here because i feel as though the person i spoke to did not fully understand our issue.


we are aware that our gas bill is indicative of what is being used according to our meter, we are just unsure why our daily usage is so high when we only have 1x6min shower, 2x13min shower daily and run the dishwasher once a week (no other heating systems or washing machines)


We are unsure if this is just due to an inefficient system or if it’s indicative of another issue (perhaps it may be in need of servicing)

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Hi taylorj, Thanks for reaching out. Although your usage pattern has remained the same, the new apartment would have different fixtures and hot water unit which can result in a difference in MJ consumed at the site. It would be worth checking the temperature setting for the hot water unit and if it is due for a service to improve its efficiency. Most dishwashers have an inbuilt heating element which runs on electricity. Please feel free to visit here to view energy-saving tips. Cheers, Deepesh