Hot water issue after smart meter installation

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We had smart meter installed 12 days ago and since then the hot water would run out in the evening. We're family of 4 with 2 small toddlers and even with very short showers, I'm having lukewarm to cold showers at the end of the day. The meter usage shows a jump in usage from 1am onwards which is presumably when the hot water system is getting heated. We're on controlled load 1 so it SHOULD kick in at 10pm (not 1am) which I don't mind if it's the case and I can a shower at 11pm but right now I have to wait until 2am to get hot water again.


Called and spoke with AGL 5 times so far, reassured it'll be investigated in 24-48hrs over the week, the matter gets "escalated" with lots of reassurance and sympathy but even when the "resolution team" called and I get a text 2 days later saying they're "unable to complete your electricity meter investigation." and to call again. Can't change to controlled load 2 because they want to sort this meter issue out first which is fine but please fix the issue! 


Can someone please have a look since it's the long weekend and calling AGL doesn't seems to get any results. Thank you.

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We have more hot water, so are concerned ours is constantly boosting our solar hot water system.

Agl tell me there are no issues.