Delay in gas connection

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AGL reference 6AAATCJ6.

I requested to change my gas retailer to AGL nearly 2.5 weeks ago but my gas connection has not been done yet even though I was assured it would be completed by last Friday. The AGL app is showing “connection in progress”.

I understand that connections need to happen within 10 days.
I am beginning to question why I even bothered to change to AGL given this delay.

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Hi Bwo88, Thank you for taking the time to reach out to us. 


The process to switch your gas can take up to 10-90 business days because the switch only occurs at the time of your next meter read after your 10-business day cooling off period. 


Your distributor will carry out an actual reading of your meter and this will be provided to your old retailer for a final bill. 


Once we are provided with the meter read, your account will be activated. 


Kind Regards, 




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We have the same problem here, gas connection was supposed to happen this Tuesday (I enquired 1 week ago when we found a letter saying that we had been disconnected), and the previous tenants apparently also used AGL so I don’t understand why it is delayed?
luckily it’s warm enough in Perth (heat wave) so I can deal with cold showers 🥶 for now! 

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Hi @Japey - is this issue still requiring resolution?

Kind regards,