stuff around with smart metre re-configuration

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we have just recently got solar panels last year and have moved to agl after being away in the northern territory for work.

Since we have been back from november last year, we have been constantly been going back and forth with agl and vector metering company without any proper, professional answers. Only failed reconfiguration and no communication with vector metering as to why this is happening. 

AGL have told me that it has successfully been reconfigured and that we need to wait for the metering company to confirm this so i can start getting my rebates dated back to december of last year.

I have contacted vector metering myself as this whole situation has become a bit of a joke and they have told me that the reconfiguration job is still pending back from december which is confusing because they have been out at my place a couple of times now.

Vector Metering said they will be in contact with someone on their end to get some more information and be in contact over the next day or so. 


Has anyone else had this experience? 


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Hi RC2,


I hear your frustration, I am in similar position, AGL reader is charging me for more than double of what my solar reader shows and not answer for over a month. 

Their customer service is terrible. 

I am personally considering to move elsewhere, not for better pricing just for fair readings the least