AGL App started to estimate my usage after I installed a solar panel

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I had my solar panel installed last Wednesday, and I gave a call to notify AGL. They reconfigured my meter remotely because it's a digital meter. Since then, my daily usage looks inaccurate. My 6.6 kW solar system generates 30 kWh daily. If I export 10 kWh to the grid, that means I used around 20 kWh myself, and also 14.60 kWh from the grid, totaling 35 kWh. However, my usage is supposed to be around 14 - 17 kWh daily. We never changed our usage habits after installing solar, and the estimation looks very inaccurate. How could I still use that much after the solar installation? I know it says 'estimated,' but how could this happen when I have a digital meter and never had an issue before installing the solar panel? Could you please fix this?


I've had enough of calling your service team; it took 1 hour to get through, and that's ridiculous.




AGL Moderator
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Hi Evan, Thank you for reaching out. 


It can take on average 7 - 10 business days from when the meter is reconfigured for the data to reflect on the app and could be why your usage is currently coming through as estimated. 


We are more than happy to check your account, I'll send you a private message. Alternatively, you can get in touch with us via out webchat


Kind Regards, 


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Before you panic, why don't you wait a few days to see what is occurring.


You can see that at the moment your meter readings are ESTIMATED and you will get this until everything is configured correctly.


Once all set up you should be able to click on a day and see your daily usage.


Would suggest though that you look at your plan as it appears you are only getting 5c per kWh exported. Current AGL plans are getting 15c for the first 10kWh and 6c per kWh afterwards.

Cheers Neil

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I have exactly the same problem. It has been almost 3 weeks since the usage was 'estimated'.

Note that the estimation is completely off...


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Has it caught up now? I installed my solar last end of Jan and now i am also seeing estimates. 

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I am in the middle of a data loss problem, which is getting sorted slowly.

I have recently had my app usage info updated, but still have 4 estimated days for usage and solar feed, they are out a LOT (like triple usage, half solar feed), but expect that will get cleared up soon (I hope).

Have had estimates occasionally on the app and it usually gets corrected after a day or 3.