Electricity Usage and Solar Feed In

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I see there is a new Usage and Solar feed in display on you web site.

It's good that it doesn't kick-out to a different web site.

However, currently the new site lacks many of the features of the old one. In particular the ability to change the duration of the graph (i.e. to one week, one month, one year etc).

Showing the graph for billing period only just makes the individual data points too small.


When will the site get updated with that capability?


I was on the forum where we were asked about the features we would like in the new site. None of these have been implemented.


Other features I would like

  • Change colour. The dark blue is not nice.
  • Side by side comparison with an earlier period (especially year or quarter)
  • BIll history (like the old site)
  • Side by side histogram for export/import rather than the up-down style that is the default


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I read a reply somewhere here that they are working on an update and will be done in a few weeks. Agreed at the moment it is worse than the previous version.


A message on the screen about the upgrade would be nice.

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It would also be nice if the graph also included the total power output from the panels. The downward grey bars could be extended in a different shade to show this.

I realise that would require cooperation with the inverter companies, but you'd think they could at least do it with companies they recommend (like Solis/Ginlong).

(I'm not fussed about the colours, as long as it is easy to read).


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Development on this is definitely ongoing, so stay tuned for improvements in the near future. If you have any specific feedback or suggestions you'd like to contribute toward improving features like this, the best place to do it is over on the Ideas section:


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I'd like to see the usage broken down down by tariff(peak and off-peak). Also show the supply charges per day.


I'm liking the iOS app, but the web page is different from the app.